How SAP can help expand your Small Business

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SAP is an enterprise resource planning solution for small, medium, and large businesses. The solution assists in providing support for sales, customer relationships, operations, financial and human resources, and inventory. SAP has over 80,000 customers which includes large companies such as IBM and Microsoft. There are plenty of reasons that companies decide to implement SAP, but not all of them are for the right reasons. Traditionally SAP was used for large manufacturers and industries, but now SAP provides solutions that can help smaller and midsized businesses (SME’s) expand regionally, nationally, and internationally. Here, we review some of the ways that SAP can help you transform your business, and if it is the right solution for you.

SAP for pro-growth

If your company is growing quickly, your days may consist of doing a large amount of different activities that are required to manage expansion. As such, you do not want to get tied up with worrying about if your software meets your business needs. SAP allows you to integrate your business, make more calculated business decisions, improve customer service efforts, and expand to online sales. It essentially allows you to spend less time focusing on software, and more time running your business. With SAP, you can connect accounting and payroll, meaning you can reduce administrative tasks such as data entry or managing orders and other placements. You can also switch to an online paperless solution which saves physical space in your work place.

Customer relationship management, sales, accounting, and more services can also be integrated into one solution. Day to day tasks is automated, enabling you to focus on more important priorities such as growing your business. Attracting new customers and keeping your current ones happy is essential for company growth. Additionally, keeping track of those customers, the products and services they use, and compiling that information to provide a better customer experience is just as important. SAP helps you to track and analyze this information from multiple software solutions, into a single solution. This enables you to do things such as track entire sale processes, identify when you should contact customers for reorders, view customers existing orders and order history, and more.

Constant Data Flow

Aggregating all software applications into one solution means that you can exceed customer expectations and make the right business decisions. Analyzing statistics is crucial for spotting areas of your business that could use improvement or grow on a larger scale. With SAP you can get accurate, up-to-date information in real time for data such as sales figures, prices, supplier statistics, inventory, and warehouse numbers. You can also create custom reports that allow you to take action faster and make better decisions and identify where you should use more strategic planning. Just as identifying your weaknesses is essential for growth, so is recognizing your strengths and SAP makes identifying where your business is most successful a breeze.

Employees can gain access to your custom reports to help them improve and complete their jobs more efficiently. This enables your employees to better predict potential revenue, analyze sales opportunities and monitor them, address issues quicker, and more easily fulfill large orders. In addition to aggregating data and creating custom reports, you can change reports in real time as the requirements for your business change. Allowing you to further analyze key statistics, and make changes to accommodate changing environments and new discoveries within your business. SAP can help support you in making the right business decisions to expand your company and increase growth.

Online with SAP

Having an online presence will help you keep up and manage increases in sales, and empowers your customers to have more control over their experience with your company. This prevents your company from allocating unnecessary time to tasks that can be automated, saving your company time and money. Creating an online presence with SAP is both easy and fast. With SAP you can integrate e-commerce and effortlessly create online storefronts that are integrated with the back-end of your business and data. So you can be on the same level as bigger competitors in your industry, but without making enormous investments. Customer relationship management, operations, distribution, accounting, reporting, financials, and e-commerce are all integrated into the SAP solution.

If you are running a business that is quickly growing and has several different software applications to help manage your day to day business processes, then SAP may be the right solution for you. And we can help!

Angie Picardo is a staff writer for NerdWallet. Her mission is to help businesses stay financially savvy and save money with NerdWallet’s business credit cards

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