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If you are visiting this site www.sapexpert.co.uk, you may wonder what it is all about. The answer is: It is about ERP systems in general, with a focus on products of the company SAP SE.

This site is intended to be a collection of useful articles and other materials which can help you understand how SAP works and how you can work with it.  These articles are published in the Blog section. Blog covers technical, educational, and psychological aspects of working with SAP, mostly from the point of view of consultants or people responsible for implementing SAP software.

SAP Expert likes to share his own knowledge, that’s why he decided to create this site. Of course, this site does not cover all the aspects of SAP implementation. If you need some help, please contact SAP Expert.

SAP-dedicated materials are in the majority on this site, but it does not mean that SAP is the only topic. This site may cover other ERP systems too.

If you like this site, we hope you’ll become a permanent reader. You can bookmark it, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or e-mail updates, or you can follow SAP Expert on Twitter. Of course, SAP Expert will be happy if you share the knowledge with your colleagues and friends.

If you wish to become not just a reader, but a customer, you should note that SAP Expert operates under the legal name SAPEXPERT LIMITED, registered in England and Wales as company number 08923981, and SAPEXPERT CO LIMITED, registered in Republic of Cyprus as company number HE382454.

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