How COVID-19 Impacts the SAP Consultancy Market

COVID-19 pandemic is now going down with many countries easing lockdown and other preventive measures.

Despite that, the pandemic is impacting all aspects of out life. SAP consultants and SAP consultancy market are not exceptions here. That is why SAP Expert asked you two months ago about your situation, my dear readers.

It is time now to see what you have told and give it a bit of an analysis.

First of all, it is not a surprise that most of the voters told that they were working remotely now. There are 84% of all those who submitted their results. Only 11% worked remotely before the pandemic and continued doing so. And only 5% of voters continued working in the office while going through the pandemic. That is probably because not all the countries completely closed their businesses.

As for the second question, the picture there is less uniform. And it is actually quite optimistic. Majority of voters said that their work situation was about the same during the pandemic. These were 58%. The remaining 42% said that their situation worsened with COVID-19.

And last but not least, let me publish some comments that the readers submitted:

While the company has committed to no layoffs, we have been told to take leave early, not to take leave after September when they expect a return to normalcy and many trips have been cancelled (SAP TechED).

No changes. Support and maintenance go as usual, but companies may postpone implementation and migration projects.

Although my current contract has been terminated earlier, I feel something new in this fast changing environment. Adopt, adjust, accommodate are principles I follow. Change means also chance. As I can see the pandemic will unlock potentials and a shift in our way how we treat our environment and others.

We need to more focused on working remotely and all sap practitioners should work as a team.

I can’t disagree with any of these statements. Let’s stay positive even during this hard time. All will be good. SAP Expert stays with you, and you stay tuned to SAP Expert.

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