Mock Job Interview for SAP Consultants

Getting a new job for SAP consultants consists of multiple steps.

It all starts with a preparation of your CV. You need to ensure that your CV is readable, that it properly describes your experience and that it shows your value for the potential employer.

Then, you need to start your job search. There are multiple ways to find new openings: browsing LinkedIn and Facebook, checking web sites of recruiting agencies, talking to your professional network, checking job boards relevant to your geographical area and so on.

At some point you will imminently get a response from an agent or direct potential employer who would be interested in interviewing you.

After a successful interview there is a chance to get a job offer, which leads to signing a job contract and start your new SAP job.

Interview is the stage where both parties (you and your potential employer) meet for the first time and make a decision, at least preliminary, about future relationships. There’s a popular saying: you only have one chance to make the first impression. It will be very pity to fail the interview because you are not ready, won’t it?

That’s why it is very important to be properly prepared for the job interview.

SAP Expert recently asked you, our readers, about your thoughts of mock interviews, and now we have something new to offer. We offer you a possibility to have a mock interview with an expert that had had multiple SAP consultant job interviews on both parts of the process: consultant and employer.

The mock job interview will last 30-60 minutes and will contain both technical and general conversations. After that, you will get a written report that highlights your strong sides as well as areas of potential improvement. And, of course, during the mock interview you will get a general feeling of how the interview goes and that will prepare yourself psychologically to the next real interview. It will be useful for both new job applicants and for experienced consultants who had their last interview long time ago.

The cost of such session is only $75, which is 3-5 times cheaper other market offers.

Are you interested? Then contact SAP expert using email of through the contact form. We’ll discuss technical arrangements and prepare yourself for your next big step.

Some small print: current interview offer is only for SAP Finance (FICO / FSCM) consultants. Other functionalities may be added later. Mock interview is only a mock interview: there will be no job offer after that.

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