Achieving SAP Certification and Career Benefits

Introduction: What is SAP and how does it work?

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This is software that combines internal and outside Management Information Systems (MIS) across the continuum of the entire business, considering major aspects of finance functions, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service, materials management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) etc. The main objective of SAP is to facilitate and harmonize smooth flow of data and information within and outside the organization.

The SAP Certificates works on Module basis and candidates would need to take exams and qualify with the required pass percentages, which are known immediately after s/he takes the tests. While there are major job opportunities for people who are SAP Certified, this does not really guarantee SAP jobs but this could be well used to improve one’s current qualifications and be better armed in the employment arenas. In other words, SAP Certification supplements other qualifications and improves one’s prospect in job markets, especially in companies who are themselves SAP based or who understand, appreciate and value SAP Certification all over the globe.

Evolution of SAP Certification over the years

SAP has indeed evolved over the years. It is not what it was say 2 decades ago, nor is it forecast to be what it is today, some decades later into the 21st century. SAP has kept good pace with technological and learning changes, improvements and are set to be in tunes with changing work demands, experiences, work skill sets and experience needed to manage enterprise in challenging 21st Century times.

Some decades ago, SAP just focused on OLTP systems – this has given way to OLAP systems with greater use of HANA, BOBJ, BPC and Mobile technologies. While there are benefits, there are also risks and challenges in SAP not only in terms of investment costs, but also whether this could offer cost-benefits when compared to high investments costs, which is okay if borne by employers but rather hefty and enormous when having to be borne by individual SAP employee aspirants

Employability and career chances of SAP Certification

If people think that their career challenges are over if they are able to gain SAP credentials, they need to rethink since this does not provide solutions to career challenges. There are indeed costs and need for experience from SAP Provider also involved. Another real issue is whether future employers do value SAP Certification and need to employ this genre of cutting- edge professionals or not.

The scope of SAP does consider major changes in staff work processes and practices. Reliance on three major services helps implement such changes and they are in terms of Consultations, Customizations and Clientèle support. Running time depends on several variables like size of business, quantum of modules, scope for customization and its apparent cost benefits and cost effectiveness and the scope and benefits of process changes over the short and long terms


To a very large extent , the demands from SAP in terms of employability, career advancement, oversees jobs in SAP- enabled companies and other ambitions are best realized through SAP Certificates but it must be remembered that this may not hold good for all SAP aspirants.

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