SAP training for free? It’s possible

Dmitry Kaglik

September 14, 2020


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There are many SAP training offers available in the world. Some of them come from a well-established and renowned training centres. Others come from illegal or obscure organizations and individuals.

But what’s common between them is that you need to pay for them, or your company should.

However, there’s a unique offer now on the market:

  • On-line training sessions
  • Access to real SAP system for your own experiments
  • Master classes with SAP professionals
  • Meetings with potential employers
  • SAP certificates of training (bear in mind, these are NOT exams certificates)

And all that comes FREE!

How does it sound? If you like to take part, feel free to join the students’ program ran by SAP itself.

There’s only one caveat: the program runs in Russian. That’s yet another reason to learn it.

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