Controlling Account Assignment for non-Financial consultants

One of the most common issues that users experience when trying to post a document into the Accounting module of SAP is the issue about Assignment of Controlling Object. [thumbnail target=”_self” alt=”CO Assignment Error” src=”×27.png”] This error may appear in different situations: manual entry of the document in Finance, Goods Receipt or Service Entry Sheet […]

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How to: settling Internal Orders and WBS elements costs to different Assets under Construction

Dmitry Kaglik

December 7, 2015



Many companies using SAP need to run Assets accounting. When an asset is being physically created, the company needs to account for costs. These costs often form a part of a balance sheet that is called “Assets under construction”. SAP gives you an option to to accumulate costs of Assets under Construction (AuC) on the […]

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Product Costing Book to read

Dmitry Kaglik

August 4, 2014


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SAPexpert wrote about a year ago about a “must read” book for people who think of taking on career in SAP: The Essential SAP Career Guide. Later the interview with book’s author Tanya Duncan was published. In that interview, Tanya promised that her next book would be about SAP Product Costing. And she kept her […]

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