How to Move Substitutions and Validation Through the SAP System Landscape

SAP Expert continues a series of articles that cover methods of aligning objects across the SAP multisystem landscape. We have already discussed standard procedure for transport requests, and “special treatment” required for objects like tax codes and number ranges. Today we will talk about Substitutions and Validations.

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Automatic field copying in SAP FI documents

Dmitry Kaglik

September 9, 2013



Entering the Financial document in SAP is not a difficult process, once you learn the transaction. You can do it either via the “classic” way, similar to transaction code FB01, or in a newer “Enjoy” style like transactions codes FB50, FB60 or FB70. However, there are some routines which everyone wants to avoid: for example, […]

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How you can lower down your support costs for SAP validations and substitutions. And ease your own life.

Dmitry Kaglik

November 25, 2012



Substitutions and validations are an inevitable part of a SAP project. You always need to chec k that the document is entered correctly, or replace values in certain fields. SAP allows you to write subs and vals in an easy-to-use interface similar to the constructor. A few mouse clicks, a few keystrokes and you’re sorted. […]

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