Working on SAP projects abroad: do you consider this?

Dmitry Kaglik

October 7, 2019


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SAP is a global company. It has presence in many countries. And this adds a possibility for SAP consultants to dream or to consider possibilities of working abroad.

Have you ever thought about such possibilities? Or maybe you worked abroad in the past? Or even now?

Working abroad brings its own benefits: you can explore new cities, new cultures, meet new people. But it brings the issues too: you need to leave your home, your family, your environment, and sometimes for prolonged period of time.

SAP Expert interviewed Tanya Duncan some time ago, and she shared her views on travel and career.

Let us check how many of SAP Expert blog readers actually like the idea of working abroad. There was a poll about this subject.

The results of the poll can be now seen here.

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