How ERP Is Changing The Way The Government Runs Their Business

FacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailPublic service agencies and government organizations are designed to help society in a number of ways. This can involve providing affordable housing to people, developing waste management programs, giving free healthcare to underprivileged citizens, or numerous other goods and services. These goods and services are available to all people living in the United States, as […]

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The best way to lose your referee

FacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailAlmost every day I am talking to recruiters.  They often sound very enthusiastic, making good first impression and promising to follow up almost daily the progress of your application. They often ask for references, at least 3 and sometime more.  That makes me to disturb other people from their daily job and ask them taking calls from […]

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Joint contest of SAP Expert and Zinio

Dmitry Kaglik

February 18, 2013


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FacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailThis contest is now over. Do you read magazines? Obviously, most of us do. These can be any types of magazines: SAP-related, PC-related, IT-related magazines are on professional side. Others may prefer some entertainment magazines: High life, Celebrities, Gardening and so on. Zinio is a great place to subscribe to your favourite magazines in an […]

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SAP Software Helping to Build Canadian Airplanes

FacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailBuilding Airplanes on Tablets There may come a time when engineers will be flipping through virtual reality blueprints much like Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man, but for now, it’s impressive enough that 3D models that provide detailed airplane schematics are visualized before and during construction. Through SAP software designed for the aeronautics industry, engineers can […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Pursues Opportunity in Brazil

FacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailTo my readers: I know that most of you are looking for SAP-specific information on this blog. However, SAP is not the only ERP system in the world. That is why I think it will benefit all of us to occasionally read articles about non-SAP systems on this blog. Brazil’s economy on the rise Ask […]

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