SAP Software Helping to Build Canadian Airplanes

Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailBuilding Airplanes on Tablets There may come a time when engineers will be flipping through virtual reality blueprints much like Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man, but for now, it’s impressive enough that 3D models that provide detailed airplane schematics are visualized before and during construction. Through SAP software designed for the aeronautics industry, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Pursues Opportunity in Brazil

Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailTo my readers: I know that most of you are looking for SAP-specific information on this blog. However, SAP is not the only ERP system in the world. That is why I think it will benefit all of us to occasionally read articles about non-SAP systems on this blog. Brazil’s economy on the […]

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Manual Payment in SAP using Payment Request

Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailMaking a payment from SAP… That’s what majority of SAP Finance consultants know how to customize. If you do not, there is a solid section of e-book FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON SAP FINANCE telling you about different nuances of this setup. However, most SAP Finance consultants think about payment as about vendor payment. […]

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SAP Books: SAP expert recommends

Dmitry Kaglik

January 30, 2013



Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailThere are plenty of books about different products and modules of SAP on the market. However, it is often a question: which book is the best? Of course, SAP expert also receives the question like this. The most obvious answer to this question, of course, is the e-book from SAP Expert. However, it is […]

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A less-known route for building your SAP career

Dmitry Kaglik

January 27, 2013



Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemailThere are 3 areas of knowledge the good SAP consultant should have: Business domain knowledge; Consulting skills; Technical SAP knowledge. Gaining any one of them helps you to kick-start your SAP career. Share the knowledgeFacebookTwitterLinkedinDiggemail

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