Controlling Account Assignment for non-Financial consultants

One of the most common issues that users experience when trying to post a document into the Accounting module of SAP is the issue about Assignment of Controlling Object. [thumbnail target=”_self” alt=”CO Assignment Error” src=”×27.png”] This error may appear in different situations: manual entry of the document in Finance, Goods Receipt or Service Entry Sheet […]

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How to create interactive MS Word documents with SAP structured data

I recently created a how-to video that shows youthe step-by-step instructions how to create an interactive Microsoft Word document with SAP structured data. I hope you will enjoy it. This is a guest post by Ronen Almog

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Understanding the bank statement process in SAP

Dmitry Kaglik

February 1, 2016



Bank statement is the document that bank sends to your company to update you about the balances and transactions on the bank account that the company holds in that bank. You can receive that statement in various ways. Of course, you need to process these statements in SAP to reflect the bank account transactions. That’s […]

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Special cases of tax posting

Dmitry Kaglik

September 7, 2015



We have discussed recently the details related to types of tax codes and  tax category assignment of the GL account. In that article SAP Expert mentioned that usually you do not post amounts directly to tax accounts. But sometimes you still do. Let’s discuss these cases in details.

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What is Tax Category on General Ledger account?

The General Ledger (GL) account is a very important element of master data in SAP. It has many configuration parameters that control system behaviour when a particular GL account is in use, either during document entry or reporting. One of these configuration elements is the Tax category. Let’s discuss this element in detail. Tax category […]

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