Eight methods to pay vendor in SAP

Dmitry Kaglik

February 3, 2014



Each company needs to pay its suppliers. It is usually payments for vendor invoices. And, of course, company needs to account for its liabilities and payments. Of course, SAP is here to help. It has options to generate payments without invoice registration, even without creation of a vendor master record. But this is a rare […]

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How Automation Improves Business Performance and Overall Society

In the corporate world, many companies receive critical discounts from their vendors by paying their invoices early. Should the invoice be sufficiently large, one missed discount by an accounts payable clerk can offset months of small, positive gains. Imagine a technological solution that greatly reduced the chances of a missed discount ever happening. Automation carries […]

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Eliminating manual process in SAP payments stream

By: Laura Morrison & Derek Panzer When you’re working with SAP, you know that there are a few areas where it falls short. One area is the credit card payment process. Delego has developed proprietary software that integrates the SAP system directly with the payment processor to provide a more streamlined order-to-cash process for credit […]

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Automatic field copying in SAP FI documents

Dmitry Kaglik

September 9, 2013



Entering the Financial document in SAP is not a difficult process, once you learn the transaction. You can do it either via the “classic” way, similar to transaction code FB01, or in a newer “Enjoy” style like transactions codes FB50, FB60 or FB70. However, there are some routines which everyone wants to avoid: for example, […]

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Manual Payment in SAP using Payment Request

Making a payment from SAP… That’s what majority of SAP Finance consultants know how to customize. If you do not, there is a solid section of e-book FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON SAP FINANCE telling you about different nuances of this setup. However, most SAP Finance consultants think about payment as about vendor payment. This implies […]

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