SAP Certification and SAP Jobs: busting myths

Dmitry Kaglik

August 1, 2016



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LinkedIn and Facebook are two largest social networks where people can interact with each other. While Facebook’s main target is your personal life, LinkedIn is more professional-oriented. Both social networks feature “groups” where people with similar interests can discuss the topics of joint interests. Many SAP-related groups are also used by recruiters and sales representatives from training centres.

I was very much surprised to see that some publications from such sales people offer “100% job guarantee.”

Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad

Let’s look into this promise in details.

To start with, the ad itself is full of Grammar errors. I can assure you that people who really care about their reputation and quality of their services will have a correctly worded text. People whose only task is to get your money don’t care about their reputation.

Second, no training or certification centre can guarantee 100% job placement, unless you expect any decent conditions of that placement. Of course, I do not mean jobs with formal salary of $1 per year or something like that, or “work for free to gain experience”. There is simply no capacity on the labour market to give a real SAP job for every graduate. Be very careful before you sign the papers and twice careful when you part with your money. Read the documents you sign, understand what you get from it and what the guarantees are before signing. Remember the good saying: If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Last and most important, SAP Certification is never equal to SAP job. Many good professional consultants I know don’t have certification. Many other slag level “Certified” specialists don’t have job, because they don’t deserve it. Don’t be offended if you recognise yourself in the last sentence. Real companies value knowledge and experience, not papers and tears.

I am very sorry if you got in a similar trap and now understand that you wasted your money and time without the outcome you expected. Good luck in your job searches!

And remember, you are always welcome to ask correct questions to SAP Expert!

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