The journey from “sap” to S.A.P. – Confessions of a Fresher

The 11th of November 2010 was the D day. Being hired by a leading IT company sent cheers to my mind when the HR said “Congratulations”. With limited understanding of what would come ahead, I plunged into the tech waters. The waters which would take me deep and wide. The training as a SAP consultant […]

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How to restrict a clearing method selection in SAP Finance

Open item clearing is one of the conceptual things in SAP Finance. In layman’s terms, clearing is matching of items on two sides of the account, for example invoice and payment. However, there are also options to match (clear) items on a General Ledger (GL) account, for example for GR/IR account or bank clearing account. […]

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Using Web Applications For Business Efficiency

Running a business today often relies on a range of software applications. The web is a comparatively new angle to this, with cloud-based applications and systems now allowing for much cheaper access to professional software. Several big companies like Adobe have shifted their business models, in part, to accommodate this type of model. For the […]

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Three methods to find SAP configuration transaction

There are many different objects in SAP that need configuring. Not all the configuration transactions are easy to find. Let me show some examples how to find a configuration for different SAP objects.

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My Journey with SAP from Beginner to Certified Consultant

3 years back, I had no clue at all about SAP; neither as a company nor as a product. It all started in April 2011 when I joined a company that acts as a VAR for SAP: at that moment my Journey with SAP began!

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