Using Web Applications For Business Efficiency

Running a business today often relies on a range of software applications. The web is a comparatively new angle to this, with cloud-based applications and systems now allowing for much cheaper access to professional software. Several big companies like Adobe have shifted their business models, in part, to accommodate this type of model. For the average business owner, this means better performance, lower costs, and no system admin and maintenance responsibilities. Even free applications can handle many of your business processes.

Designs by Stephen Dent are among those making an impact on the usability of these sites. Web applications often run faster in the browser than locally, and can be more readily tailored to suit your requirements. By choosing a cloud solution, including cloud ERP solutions, you benefit from ongoing maintenance and updates over the duration of your membership, for the lowest-hassle access to online software. But what types of web application are helpful for business owners looking for management gains?

At its most basic, sharing diaries is made simple through web based applications. In just a few clicks, you can replace all the paper diaries in your business with a united, single calendar system. Individuals still view and manage their own calendar, but they can now communicate with other employees and contacts to book appointments and resources as necessary. There are a number of free applications available that allow for diary management online – with no need to download or install a single piece of software.

Documents, spreadsheets and other file types form the basis of many office-based businesses. The majority of business software users will rely on one or more of these types of applications. With applications hosted in the cloud, teams can work together to deliver more efficient results. This doesn’t have to mean a loss of features either, and the leading cloud solutions are equally as functional as the best paid-for software.

For example, Google Docs allows shared users to communicate in real time over documents, which all parties can edit, change and view simultaneously. This is designed to allow colleagues to work together, and it can deliver real efficiency gains when dealing with projects between groups of staff. Colleagues can work together at the same time, or can even share ideas through companion chat functions. Most businesses can find a use for this type of system, and indeed many businesses presently use this in their organization.

CRM software, or customer relationship management software, is used by businesses to handle and manage their relationships with clients. These applications can quickly become bulky and complex. But with cloud-hosted alternatives, it is easier to simply run the application in your web browser for more efficient results. All members of your team can access the platform at the same time where required, viewing changes in real time across desks. Never before has it been possible to see this level of interaction between colleagues, and with real-time results.

Cloud-hosted applications can be useful for those running a business, or working together on a specific project. Because of the ease with which users can interact, and the third-party hosted nature of these applications, they appeal to businesses for a range of processes and tasks. And with minimal costs attached, these can lead to some of the cheapest improvements in your systems possible.

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