Various application tools used for SAP Upgrades

While SAP is a fully inclusive and integrated platform which considers all aspects and facets of business applications, it may sometimes be necessary, and even imperative for SAP user – clients to introduce, enforce and deploy upgrades. The business functioning environment may have changed, due to vertical integration, or even due to business mergers, amalgamation and takeovers, and thus, it now becomes necessary to conduct and enforce new SAP Programs and Upgrades to suit the new demands of business. It could either be in terms of complete overhauling of existing platforms or may be in line with software and other kinds of upgrades, depending upon the scope, level and intensity of changed business environment.

Indeed the main areas could be that of additional functional needs, minimizing interfacing of legacy systems, actions to prolong, or amend technical limits of actions, lapse of maintenance contracts with vendors. While the end results of SAP is indeed gaining operational efficiencies in all major areas of public accountability and stakeholder trust upliftments, the fact remains that SAP upgrades are not without organizational challenges and confrontations from several quarters.

This could assume aspects like Time management, budgeting, resource planning, project leadership debates, business processes, matters of release customizing versus delta customizing, migration of modifications back to SAP Demanded Standards, Interfacing and testing of Customer Programs and a whole gamut of other demands in terms of testing, usage, sizing, planning, execution and inspection / feedback.

It is also necessary to understand that SAP Upgrades come in different categories depending on need, software requirements and a host of other impinging factors, of direct or indirect bearing.

SAPUp is the name given for standardized SAP upgrade tools and comes in two categories- firstly, SAPup for ABAP Stack and secondly, SAPJup for Java Stack. It also comprises of two programs, upgrade program which performs the upgrade, and control program, also called GUI which is used to upgrade processes.

The upgrade GUI is the user interface wherein it is possible to visualize upgrade phases or progressions via roadmap steps. Through this it is also possible to perform Combined Upgrade (CU) and Unicode Conversion (UC) also.

The first aspect to discuss is that of SAP Enhancement Package Installer (SAP EhPi), which, as the name suggests, is utilized for enhancement, especially for enhancing functionality of SAP Business Site 7 and higher installations like the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and others. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade Dual Stack Based System via Synchronized procedures. This could also be used for SAP Support Packages. Now what we have is Software Update Manager or SUM.

Next, SPAM/SAINT/JSPM tools which are usually used for installation and up gradation of adds-ons, Support Packages and further installation of further technical uses of EhPs. SAINT is usually used for upgradation in ABAP Stack and JSPM in Java Stack. Since both are hosted directly by ABAP AS, they are free of any platform dependency.

Software Update Manager-SUM or Software Logistic Toolsets are software logistic tools that are used for different kinds of implementation processes. Besides Application Specific Upgrade or ASU is a tool hosted by ABAP Stack to collect all data before or after upgrade activities, tasks and other aspects.

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