My Journey with SAP from Beginner to Certified Consultant

Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali

3 years back, I had no clue at all about SAP; neither as a company nor as a product.

It all started in April 2011 when I joined a company that acts as a VAR for SAP: at that moment my Journey with SAP began!

For the very first time, I was really confused and I didn’t know where to start getting knowledge about SAP and SAP products.

My job required that I accumulate a huge amount of knowledge in a few days in order to start my duties and tasks; and that’s exactly what I did.

I placed a huge effort on getting the knowledge that I was looking for, using a wide variety of resources, and soon I found myself in the middle of the SAP World.

I started writing some ABAP basic programs and developed several reports. It wasn’t exceptionally difficult, as I am convinced that the fundamental concept of programming is always the same, regardless to the language. You can write any code and develop any programs. It is only a matter of syntax and occasionally some special tricks.

As time went by, I started seeking a professional SAP certificate. I was an Application Support Specialist. I decided to take the SAP Support Consultant Certificate, and became a Certified SAP Support Consultant after a one year journey with SAP.

The last thing that I want everyone to know is this:

Everything can be done, you just need the right Motivation.

“When there’s a Will, there’s Always a Way”

This article by Ahmed Ali took part and won a prize in the joint contest, which SAP Expert ran together with PACKT Publishing. Ahmed’s LinkedIn profile:

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  • Mahmoud Habeeb on July 8, 2013

    Thanks Sir for your Motivation 🙂

  • Ahmed Ali on July 8, 2013

    you’re welcome,thanks for your kind words 🙂

  • ahmedadil1000 on July 8, 2013

    very welcome indeed Mahmoud,thank you for your kind words.

  • Shankar on December 3, 2019

    My Friend I am 37 years old sap BPC consultant, I started this whole journey of SAP in 2010. i was introduced to the SAP world and I picked the technology very fast. then came new ever versions, in these years i also got to work on other technologies but now i lost touch of my tool. now i am in a challenging position and the same things which i used to do earlier are like greek and latin to me. also earlier i used to do it what was given to me. now the expectancy is i do it all by my self. i feel so stressed and lost, sometimes i feel , why even i came to this sap world. earlier SCN used to be fun and you could ask anything, now SCN has become so controlled , u feel shy asking questions, there is so competetion within your own groups……. that instead of support and knowledge share….. you get people who try to take advantage. i sometimes feel so lost, i feel is there no way forward, i feel i have forgotten my whole tool and skill, i feel so backward in the race. I feel i will not be able to sustain any jobs in future. there is so much customization and no standard processes… also the roadmaps are not so freely available as they used to be I just feel so lost to this world….

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