SAP in Olympics

Dmitry Kaglik

February 10, 2014



It is this time of the year again. And not only year… It has happened every 4 years for the last almost 100 years with small exceptions.

If you still don’t understand what I mean, I should tell you: the Olympic Games. This time around this event is being held in the Russian city of Sochi.

You can ask now: Why does SAP Expert speak about sport? What is the link between the Sochi Olympics and SAP?

The link is very simple. Even if the Sochi Olympics Organizing Committee does not run SAP itself, it has lots of partners who do.

Let’s look at the official list of partners.

Worldwide Olympic Partners

Worldwide Olympic Partners
Worldwide Olympic Partners

Can you name any one company from this list that does not run SAP? I can’t. There are even some SAP consultancies, I mean Atos.

National Olympic Partners

National Olympic Partners
National Olympic Partners

The situation is slightly different in this case. Still, almost all the companies in this list use SAP solutions as the main engine of their business. The only exceptions are Rostelecom, the Russian telecom giant that uses Oracle solutions, and BOSCO Sport, a local Russian sportswear brand, belonging to the Italian Bosco di Ciliegi group.

As you can see, there is not much the Organizing Committee could do without SAP solutions.

From the SAP expert side, I wish all the athletes all the best, and will hope that your country, wherever you live in the world, will be represented well in these Games.

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