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Building Airplanes on Tablets

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There may come a time when engineers will be flipping through virtual reality blueprints much like Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man, but for now, it’s impressive enough that 3D models that provide detailed airplane schematics are visualized before and during construction.

Through SAP software designed for the aeronautics industry, engineers can do exactly that. The 3D blueprints provide customers with a clearer idea of what they’re buying, and present the manufacturing team with a clear picture of what they’re building. What’s more, the schematics can be easily updated to show required alterations.

As well as providing greater visibility, the 3D blueprints are an efficient form of communication. Rather than have to provide instructions through stacks of complex documents; engineers, manufacturers and customers can all use the power of 3D images to better understand what’s required.

Here are some other ways that SAP software empowers the aerospace industry:

  • Simplifying management in an aerospace company’s many complex divisions, including engineering, manufacturing and distribution, and allowing for quicker and easier communication between divisions.
  • Integration of mobile devices, which reduces the need for people to leave their work areas to access instructions and communication, which is especially useful for technicians who’d have to otherwise keep climbing in and out of assembly areas.

Aerospace companies face the challenge of having to manage complex processes in engineering, manufacturing and distribution, all while keeping abreast of the strict regulations that pertain to those areas. As such, SAP’s ability to provide automation, visibility and communication is invaluable.

Canadian Aerospace Incorporating SAP

Canadian aerospace saw $22.4 billion revenue in 2011, a 6.7 per cent increase from 2010. Aircraft and aircraft production brought in $11 billion, amounting to about half of the total revenue.

Canada’s export industry is pivotal to the economy, generating $16.4 billion with the USA being its prime market, though demand from the European Union is gradually increasing. The Canadian aerospace industry is also heavily committed to Research & Development, seeking to be not just a manufacturer of aircraft but also a pioneer in aircraft technology.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airplane industry across the globe suffered a lull in the last year due to the Eurozone crisis and heavy taxation. But passenger numbers were still a lot better than expected, and they believe the outlook for the industry to be positive in the next year as oil prices begin to stabilize.

This has in turn led to an optimistic outlook for Canada’s profitable aerospace industry, resulting in increased purchase of shares in airline companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The boost given by implementation of SAP will help, as the enterprise software is being implemented by companies in every area of the aerospace industry. Lynch Fluid Controls, for example, recently did so and saw an improvement in profitability and business practice within six months. The company manufactures motion control manifold systems that are used in many industries including aerospace.

Software services, such as SAP, increase the efficiency not just of company management but the actual engineering and building of the planes and their components, which is an essential function in a modern world dependent on safe air travel.

Written by Matthew Flax on behalf of SAP Careers, a job board that advertises a range of SAP jobs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

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