SAP Job Market: A View from a Different Point

Many of us are SAP consultants. We are on different levels, from “SAP freshers” to salted SAP professionals with decades of experience. What do we all have in common? We are on the same part of the job market scales: we are the labour force, even when we are self-employed contractors. However, there are two […]

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The Essential SAP Career Guide is now available in paperback

Dmitry Kaglik

September 30, 2013



I wrote 3 months ago about a wonderful book The Essential SAP Career Guide – A beginner’s guide to SAP careers for students and professionals. At that time the book was only available as a Kindle edition. Later, I interviewed the author of the book Tanya Duncan. One of the questions was about availability of […]

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That is the beauty of SAP software

I was a just a fish out of pond when I graduated from college with little knowledge about ERP software. I was thrown into this ocean of Enterprise Software from SAP. I started off as a ABAP Developer with a SAP Partner company, working on various SAP ERP modules for different vendors, learning different software, […]

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SAP ABAP Fresher: what to look at?

Dmitry Kaglik

September 2, 2013


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ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP AG. Core SAP systems, such as ECC, BW etc are written on ABAP. It means that SAP ABAP programming is one of the most desired skills on the SAP job market. Are you a SAP ABAP fresher programmer looking to develop your career? In this case, it […]

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The journey from “sap” to S.A.P. – Confessions of a Fresher

The 11th of November 2010 was the D day. Being hired by a leading IT company sent cheers to my mind when the HR said “Congratulations”. With limited understanding of what would come ahead, I plunged into the tech waters. The waters which would take me deep and wide. The training as a SAP consultant […]

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