Job for SAP Finance specialists

Dmitry Kaglik

September 9, 2014

Job, SAP

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This is not the usual post for SAP Expert. You usually don’t find job ads here. Although, today is the special case. Let me ask you questions first: Do you like to work for world leading companies? Do you like to work with world leading specialists? Do you have strong FICO and/or Project Management experience? […]

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Skills for Different Types of SAP Projects

Dmitry Kaglik

February 24, 2014



SAP is a well established industry in the world nowadays. There are many companies that use SAP in their everyday life. But still there are many companies who implement SAP software anew. You are aware that a SAP consultant should have certain skills. But having skills is not enough. You need to apply them properly. […]

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SAP Job Market: A View from a Different Point. Part 2

SAP Expert has already published an interview with two recruiting agents, asking them about the state of the market from their part of the pitch. Today I continue the series, with an Episode 2. This time round, there is only one interviewee.

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Functional, technical or solution?

Dmitry Kaglik

November 25, 2013



If you have ever done a job search in the SAP area, you might notice that recruiters often split vacancies into two categories: technical and functional. Who are they, those technical and functional people? Frankly speaking, a functional consultant is the person who deals with the functional configuration of the SAP system, with business processes […]

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SAP Job Market: A View from a Different Point

Many of us are SAP consultants. We are on different levels, from “SAP freshers” to salted SAP professionals with decades of experience. What do we all have in common? We are on the same part of the job market scales: we are the labour force, even when we are self-employed contractors. However, there are two […]

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