Skills of SAP consultant

Everyone read an article SAP Expert about the qualities you need to have to become an SAP consultant. But development of your skills does not stop here. Any SAP consultant has to make use of a variety of skills during the implementation process.  The main ones are the ability to define goals and objectives, prioritize and achieve […]

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How I became an SAP Consultant

How I became an SAP consultant? I came to SAP world from the business side. Let me explain… In 1987, I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Concordia University. My first job was as a Production Planner. I had a spreadsheet with inventory data. I manually updated the spreadsheet with Goods Receipts and Shipments each day. […]

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The best way to lose your referee

Almost every day I am talking to recruiters.  They often sound very enthusiastic, making good first impression and promising to follow up almost daily the progress of your application. They often ask for references, at least 3 and sometime more.  That makes me to disturb other people from their daily job and ask them taking calls from […]

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A less-known route for building your SAP career

Dmitry Kaglik

January 27, 2013



There are 3 areas of knowledge the good SAP consultant should have: Business domain knowledge; Consulting skills; Technical SAP knowledge. Gaining any one of them helps you to kick-start your SAP career.

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SAP career advice from a SAP expert

Dmitry Kaglik

December 16, 2012



The recent post about the qualities of a SAP consultant was greatly welcomed in the SAP community. SAP expert started to receive lots of questions after that from different people who are interested in a career in SAP. Of course, SAP expert is happy to share the knowledge, not only in the technical SAP area, but also […]

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