The Agents in SAP Recruitment

All SAP consultants sooner or later start the job search process.

There are many companies on the job market. Hundreds if not thousands of them. Not all of them advertise their requirements in SAP consultant.

There are many SAP consultants. Of course, there is always a way for a potential consultant to contact the potential employer and ask for a job. But it requires skills of search, knowledge of right people and so on.

Here comes the role of an agent. Recruitment agent, and that includes SAP job market too, is a person who matches requirements of potential employer with skills of potential employee. They know they right people on both sides of the process. Agent makes a match, and then rips off benefits as agent’s commission.

Have you ever worked with a SAP recruitment agent? Very likely you did. By the way, SAP Expert even interviewed some of them, you can read their interviews here and here.

Of course I worked with agents too. SAP Expert even wrote about the best answers received from the recruiters. But what makes me wonder that in my personal case I only found job via an agent twice in my almost-twenty-years SAP life. Once for the permanent role, and once for a contract role. The latter was not even purely agent’s achievement to find me as a consultant for niche requirements. It was a recommendation from my friend to an agent.

Compared to these two cases, there are about a dozen cases where I had a direct contact with the employer (for permanent positions) or the customer (for contracts).

Am I so unique?

Let’s make a little poll. What is your experience? Have you found your last or most recent job via an agent or via a direct contact?

How have you found your current or most recent job?

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As usual, we’ll publish the poll results in few months.

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