SAP projects and holidays in 2020

Dmitry Kaglik

August 4, 2020


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Year 2020 is unlike many other years. It’s a year that we spend under the sign of global pandemic.

This pandemic changes many plans we have. It shut or contracted many SAP projects. Many people lost their jobs or were put on furlough.

However, the life still goes on. We are still making plans and hope for the future. And, of course, summer season that we currently have in Europe is still there. As borders open and restrictions lifted, people are starting to make trips, either on business or for leisure, taking their deserved holidays.

It may not be necessary to take holidays in places like Cyprus and use the offer specially made to SAPexpert readers. You may just travel few dozen or hundred kilometres from home, just to change the scenery. It is still holiday, it is still vacations we all deserve.

What are your plans for holidays in 2020? Have you taken any? Do you still plan some? Have you been asked to take holidays during the lockdown, as one of the readers reported recently?

SAPexpert blog ran a short poll about SAP consultants’ holiday plans in 2020.

Clock here to see the results of the poll.

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  • […] situation we all are in, human beings still need to have some holidays. That’s why SAP Expert ran a poll about holiday plans of SAP consultants in 2020. It’s time to announce the […]

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