COVID-19 vaccinations and SAP

COVID-19 keeps terrorising the world we live in. More than a year passed since pandemic started, and seems like there’s no end to it soon.

Many governments around the world say that vaccination is the only way out of this situation.

Many governments offer free vaccinations to its citizens. But not all…

Many companies offer free vaccinations to its employees. But not all…

SAP is unique here. It offers free vaccinations to all certified SAP consultants around the globe. At least there is some use for this certificate. How can you get free vaccination?

First of all, remember that all certified SAP consultants get a so-called S-user ID. This is a numeric combination prefixed by letter S. You should have gotten it right after the certification. Some people may get S-users as a part of their enrolment in SAP teams, but they are not eligible for free SAP vaccinations unless S-user has also been used for obtaining SAP certification.

Do you have you S-user ready? If not, go dig it out from archives!

When you have it in hands, you need to log into this page with S-user credentials and then register yourself for a vaccination appointment in a nearby SAP support centre. They are really global, so don’t miss your chance.

How did SAP achieve this opportunity for its ecosystem? That’s very easy. All western vendors of COVID-19 vaccines run SAP. It was really easy for SAP SE to push for this little “favor” from the vendors. Of course, Russian and Chinese vaccines are not on the list. Yet?

Stay safe! Look at the calendar! Remember last year!

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